SUPER LONG! (Update)

Hey everyone! It has been I think half a year since I have written on my blog! It’s hard to believe! I have been kinda busy and it’s hard to fit in all of the stuff you need to do and all the stuff you want to do! 😛 Since it has been so long, I decided to give you a little recap of my life for the past half-year or so as well as I can remember.

In November, I went to Alberta with my Mom for a friend’s wedding and to visit other friends there.  That was really fun and I got to see a little bit of mountains, get a good taste of cow farms, manure and had a good time with fun friends! (Such a great mix, don’t you think?) 😛 In December was Christmas! Which was also really fun! In February, I went to New Brunswick with my family to visit dome close friends of ours.  I have started writing a couple of books, but I won’t give anything away for the time being. 🙂 I was able to help some friends of ours sit their farm with lots of animals on it! Which was quite eventful! I also was able to work with horses, cleaning up their manure, feeding them, stuff like that. 😛 Also one more thing……….I started taking online whistle lessons which is super cool! One last thing- I started learning Spanish!

I think that is pretty much it that I can think of! If you endured my post and you’re reading this then I applaud you! 😛 Well, Until next time which hopefully won’t be another half-year! See ya!

                              -Victoria 🙂


6 thoughts on “SUPER LONG! (Update)”

  1. Wow, when you look back you (and we) really did alot of things! It is definitely not a boring life, is it? How wonderful!

    Love, Mom


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