SUPER LONG! (Update)

Hey everyone! It has been I think half a year since I have written on my blog! It’s hard to believe! I have been kinda busy and it’s hard to fit in all of the stuff you need to do and all the stuff you want to do! 😛 Since it has been so long, I decided to give you a little recap of my life for the past half-year or so as well as I can remember.

In November, I went to Alberta with my Mom for a friend’s wedding and to visit other friends there.  That was really fun and I got to see a little bit of mountains, get a good taste of cow farms, manure and had a good time with fun friends! (Such a great mix, don’t you think?) 😛 In December was Christmas! Which was also really fun! In February, I went to New Brunswick with my family to visit dome close friends of ours.  I have started writing a couple of books, but I won’t give anything away for the time being. 🙂 I was able to help some friends of ours sit their farm with lots of animals on it! Which was quite eventful! I also was able to work with horses, cleaning up their manure, feeding them, stuff like that. 😛 Also one more thing……….I started taking online whistle lessons which is super cool! One last thing- I started learning Spanish!

I think that is pretty much it that I can think of! If you endured my post and you’re reading this then I applaud you! 😛 Well, Until next time which hopefully won’t be another half-year! See ya!

                              -Victoria 🙂


Hi everyone! Well winter is here! When it was the end of summer, I was ready for winter. I miss spring a little but I’m still thankful to god for winter and the fun things we are able to do in it.  I love sledding  down our deck stairs (with snow on them, or course) and tobogganing and skating and all sorts of fun! Anyway here we go!Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and looked out my window to see big flakes of snow falling from the sky. What a pleasant surprise! When i got up this morning, I took some pictures with my NEW CAMERA!!!! EEK!!!!!! YAY!!!

Okay, so here they are!



Have a great day!

Do you have snow?

If so, how much?

What do you like most about winter?

Until next time!


My Summer/ Part One

Hey all! How was everyone’s summer? Mine was pretty good. First in July my brother and two sisters and I took swimming Lessons for two weeks.

After they finished, we went to go pick up eggs from some friends of ours. While we were there, one of the family members told my Mom about a sale a store was having on bananas.

So, we decided to go check it out.

My Mom, my sister and I went in and eventually found lots of bananas that were really cheap. We walked in our bathing suits that were still wet. It was kinda funny my sister and I walking around grabbing packages of bananas,shivering. 😄😀😂😀

They were brown and some of them were a little mushy, but in my house, we use sour milk in pancakes and they taste great. Plus we use bananas for tons of stuff.

We each carried five packages of bananas each, then my Mom decided to get two more.

Then we walked to the checkout and piled the bananas on the conveyor belt, thingy, when we decided to get some more.

So my sister and I ran back and got the rest of the bananas.

I felt kinda bad for taking all of them, but on the outside they looked pretty beaten up, and my sister said that no one else would probably take them so, ya. We got A LOT of bananas. I took a picture so I could show you.

So we got them, arrived home, and started getting BUSY.

My sister started making a big batch of half chocolate and half banana and some just plain banana or chocolate.

I started making banana chips! All you have to do is cut bananas into coins, and dehydrate them! I took some pictures of them for you. They aren’t done yet, but at least you get the idea. They are kinda chewy and a bit gummy when they are done but I LOVE them!

I did count how many bunches then how many bananas we had altogether. I don’t quite know how many we had but we might have had twelve bunches twelve bunches of bananas and  seventy something bananas.

Anyway it was A ton of bananas! Oh, I don’t remember if we did use these bananas for making banana pancakes but that is another use we use bananas for.

We just put in ground flaxseeds, eggs, bananas, and I think water! I can post the proportions later. They are really good and healthy!

When my sister makes them, first of all, when my sister bakes stuff she doesn’t really measure anything. But usually it turns out okay! Anyway when she makes them they are really thick.

But when my other sister, who has the exact opposite personality as my other sister makes them, they are skinny so I guess it just depends how much batter you stick into the pan.

We also stick bananas in our green smoothies to make them sweeter.

Who knew there were so many uses for the banana? Or if you think about it, George Washington Carver discovered more than 300 uses for the peanut, and more than 100 uses for the sweet potato!

God is truly amazing! 😊

What do you use bananas for?

Isn’t God truly amazing?

Until next time I write ✍🏻! (That would be me except I’m  left handed!)




Hey all! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we haven’t gotten a lot of rain lately. At least not in my area. 

Yesterday we were visiting our Grandmother yesterday two hours away from where I live and their crops look worse than ours. 

In their corn fields most of their corn looks shriveled up and dead.

I just wanted to ask all of you guys to pray for rain, a lot of it, so some of the corn might be saved.

I hope you guys have a great week!



Embarassing moment

Hello people s!

My sister just older than me were given the mission of——


OK,OK, you’re probably thinking “Thats a strange thing to write about”–and it is.

So, we have like six gardens small, medium and larger. We are supposed to water all of the gardens every morning.

So a few days ago we start watering the gardens in our front yard and there are thses construction guys at the end of our driveway talking.

Now, nothing seems embarrasing or about this picture except for one fact-

We were in our pajamas.

Plus, both my sister and I aren’t very comfortable in those kind of situations.

So my sister just said to me. “Let’s go water the gardens in the back first then we can come back and finish these later.”

And that’s just what we did.

I have another story to tell you guys when we were watering the gardens, but I’ll tell you in another post.

I hope you laughed when you read this post!

Until nexttime!

Signing off!


Tag!! (Not the shopping kind of tag)// Canada Day

Hey y’all! I’m not from the states but I sometimes use their sayings. Also Happy Belated Canada Day!Anyway, I almost forgot what I was writing this post about.  😛


Okay, let’s start again. I was nominated for the “Pray for People/City Tag. ” Thankyou Lea for nominating me! I’m super excited to do this! Okay, Let’s get started.

I’m going to pray for my sister and France for two weeks every day. (Or at least try my best to.)

I tag Clara and Counting Your Blessings.

Okay, Here are the rules:

Thank the person who tagged you.

Pick one person and one country// City to pray for every day for two weeks.

Nominate at least one blogger or a person who has some sort of social media site.

See you next Time! Thanks again Lea for nominating me! It was fun!

Bye Bye!!